My support for Wiltshire Music Connect

Wiltshire Music Connect supports music education for children and young people in Wiltshire. Last academic year 92% of Wiltshire schools engaged with one or more of Wiltshire Music's Connect interventions, enabling them to reach over 15,000 children & young people.

An update on 2020 exam results

A quick update on the exams situation. I am very sorry that young people, their families and teachers have had such a stressful week.

My response to migrants crossing the English Channel

I have recently received a number of emails in relation to the increasing number of migrants crossing the Channel. I too have watched with growing alarm as the number willing to attempt this dangerous crossing has skyrocketed in recent weeks.

Advice regarding Exam Results Summer 2020

I'd like to offer my congratulations to all students collecting their results today. It's been a challenging and unusual year but I hope today will be a day to celebrate the work they have put in.

Weekly update (29 July 2020)

I have spent the last fortnight writing my report on communities for the PM; I handed it in on Friday and very much hope he and the Government like it.

Supporting the Devizes Shop Indie campaign

Throughout lockdown, the government has provided support to businesses of all sizes to keep them going, as many closed or could not operate at their previous capacity, but as this eases shoppers are once again able to show their support for their local high streets, and we should champion this.

Buying face masks and supporting a local hospital

Walking through Devizes on Monday I was encouraged to see so many following the new rules about wearing a mask while in shops - with many going further and wearing them while travelling between businesses, too. Although this can take some getting used to, after a while it becomes second nature.