Newsletter - 15 May, 2022

On Friday David Scott tied a sack over my head, bundled me into the boot of his car and drove to an undisclosed location somewhere on the edge of Salisbury Plain. I exaggerate, but this is the secret breeding place of the Great Bustard.

Newsletter - 24 April, 2022

I spoke in the Commons on Thursday in the debate on Labour’s motion to ask the Privileges Committee to investigate whether the Prime Minister lied to Parliament.

Newsletter - 28 March, 2022

It’s obviously a great privilege to be in Parliament, and not just for the opportunity to make speeches on the things that interest you. You are also a privileged spectator of people who genuinely do make history.

Newsletter - 7 March, 2022

When I became the MP for Devizes in 2019 my first priority was to get to know the Army. I’ve spent a day or so each month since with the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, which takes MPs to military bases to see first hand what our soldiers, sailors and airforce personnel do.

Newsletter - 28 Februrary, 2022

So we are in history again. For a while after 1990 we thought we had got beyond war and the threat of war.

Newsletter - 6 February, 2022

Beneath the shrill discordant arpeggio in Westminster this week was a more harmonious tune, to me at least. I have had that rare experience of feeling that I’ve made a difference - and not just once but three times. 

Newsletter - 30 January, 2022

Jim Butler’s family has farmed the same fields around Bromham, north of Devizes, since the 1640s.

Newsletter - 16 January, 2022

I’ll come to Boris Johnson and his future in a moment. The most important policy question (rather than political question) in Westminster right now is whether Covid restrictions will be lifted when they are reviewed by the Government on 26 January.

Newsletter - 9 January, 2022

A happy new year to you, and I hope Christmas was better this year than last; and that this year will be better than last. I heaved a sigh of relief every day over the holidays on which the Government declined to introduce more restrictions.

Newsletter - 19 December, 2021

It’s been a bad week politically. I just hope we don’t have a very bad couple of weeks as a country.