Newsletter - 18 September, 2020

Politics is back and bloody. Parliament is angry with No 10 again, the EU is taking it to the wire again, and many people are distressed and discontented with the Government.

Newsletter - 12 September, 2020

I thought I’d leave you alone for August, not least because there was no Parliament to report on and while the casework continued unabated I did less meetings and visits than usual, so had less to tell you about.

Weekly update (29 July 2020)

I have spent the last fortnight writing my report on communities for the PM; I handed it in on Friday and very much hope he and the Government like it.

Weekly Update (10 July, 2020)

Many apologies (assuming you mind: you may not) for the gap of over two weeks since my last newsletter.

Weekly Update (23 June 2020)

Steve Cook bought the Walter Rose and Son butchers shop, at the end of Sidmouth Street in Devizes, when he was 21. Now silver-haired (but buzzing with vim and vigour) he tells me what lockdown has meant for him.

Weekly Update (9 June 2020)

Last week Parliament returned to physical meetings - no more Zooming in from your bedroom to the House of Commons chamber - which caused some head-scratching about how to vote while socially distanced.

Weekly Update (30 May, 2020)

A weird week. I am sorry that between us, the politicians and the media have whipped up a storm that in no way helps the country’s battle to recover from the coronavirus crisis.

Danny Kruger - Weekly Update (May 22, 2020)

One of the consolations of lockdown for me has been the opportunity to watch a whole season pass. For you long-term Wiltshiremen and women this will seem perfectly normal, but I don’t think I have spent two uninterrupted months in the countryside since I was a child.