Newsletter - 27 September, 2021

Like everywhere in the country we have long queues for petrol in Wiltshire, and some eye-watering prices. I’m confident the supplies will get through, and demand will tail off once enough people have filled up earlier than they would have if there wasn’t a panic on.

Newsletter - 18 July, 2021

Did you know Devizes was a centre of the British shipbuilding industry? Nor did I, but so it is.

Newsletter - 12 July, 2021

What a shame. I badly wanted England to win last night, partly because I like our modest, serious players and their manager, and partly because nothing lifts the spirits like pride in your country.

Newsletter - 28 June, 2021

I think it was right for Matt Hancock to resign, and I detect from my inbox that many people locally think so too. The Government has been regulating private life with an unheard-of degree of intrusion for 18 months, including a ban on embracing people not in your household.

Newsletter - 20 June, 2021

I spent Tuesday afternoon in Chesham, or possibly Amersham. I was campaigning, fruitlessly it turned out, for the Conservative candidate in the by-election held on Thursday. We lost, badly, with the Lib Dems overturning a 16,000 Tory majority from 2019 to beat us by 8,000 votes.

Newsletter - 13 June, 2021

On Monday afternoon I was in the dock at Westminster Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to  having permitted an animal in my charge - to wit, Pebble the Jack Russell, age 11 months - to chase or worry another animal - to wit, 200 deer - in Richmond Park ‘without the written permission of the Secr

Newsletter - 7 June, 2021

Marlborough has the widest high street in England, apparently (this is the sort of fact I don’t propose checking).

Newsletter - 23 May, 2021

Down an unmarked track off the road that leads through a modern housing development on the southern edge of Devizes is a wood. This was the grounds of the old Roundway Hospital, formerly the Wiltshire County Lunatic Asylum.