My Local Priorities

  • Helping our farmers and tackling climate change

    Ours is an overwhelmingly rural constituency. To preserve Wiltshire’s glorious natural landscape - the famous chalk downlands, the prehistoric monuments, Savernake Forest and Salisbury Plain - we need to support the businesses and property owners who manage it. 

  • Keeping Our Communities Safe

    Rural crime is a major concern for our communities. During the election campaign I was struck how often this issue was raised - even though the statistics suggest crime overall is falling.

  • Backing the Military

    I am proud to represent the constituency which is home to the British Army. Troops have been stationed here since the Napoleonic Wars and Salisbury Plain is a tremendous asset for training soldiers.

  • Supporting Young People

    Like the rest of the country - but even faster than the national average - Wiltshire’s population is ageing. We urgently need to make life better for young people so they want to live, work and bring up their own families here. 

  • Improving the Local NHS

    Everyone relies on the NHS and it is rightly the Government’s biggest priority after delivering Brexit. Record investment is now pouring in - but more must be done to make sure the money reaches the front-line here in Wiltshire.