About Danny

I'm delighted to be the Member of Parliament for the Devizes Constituency.  I grew up on a farm and love the beautiful landscape of Wiltshire.  My ambition is to help make our local community stronger and more prosperous. That means helping families with good quality education and health care; keeping people safe with proper policing; creating a new and better support system for our farmers and rural businesses; backing our armed forces and their families; and giving young people the chance to gain the skills they need to build a great life. 

I have worked in journalism and in politics, most recently as Political Secretary to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.  But my main career has been spent working in the community. In 2006 my wife Emma and I founded Only Connect, a project working in prisons to stop criminals re-offending, which I ran for 10 years and now chair. I also set up and ran the West London Zone for Children and Young People, coordinating the work of schools, councils and charities with young people at risk. 

I voted Leave in 2016, I supported Boris Johnson's deal to leave the EU and I am confident we can create a positive new relationship with our European neighbours. Our responsibility now is to move on from Brexit and concentrate on the things that really matter to people. I want to be the MP for everyone in our part of Wiltshire - Leave and Remain, Conservative and Not, town and country, affluent and struggling - and to champion everything that makes our county such a great place to live. We will come together as a country if we can unite our communities, and that is my mission.