Call for volunteer drivers

Since lockdown began in March I've heard dozens of positive stories about communities coming together to support those who may be more vulnerable, helping with shopping, deliveries or just to have a chat with someone who has found themselves isolated. 

Wiltshire's 43 Link schemes - voluntary groups which offer a transport and good neighbour service to local people who are in need, perhaps because they are elderly, disabled, isolated and lonely, single parents, or perhaps temporarily in need because of illness - have played a key role in this. 

But due to Covid-19, the Link schemes have found that a large number of regular volunteers have been unable to drive because of age/vulnerability, and now Community First - a Devizes charity which supports the Link schemes - has issued a call for more volunteers.  

These essential services provide a safety net for those unable to access services in other ways. Link Schemes aim to complement other services, statutory and voluntary and operate as small, independent charitable organisations, with all volunteers using their own private vehicles. (Insurance and DBS checks are carried out).

Last year Link schemes made 31,351 health related journeys and completed 48,027 good neighbour tasks (including collecting prescriptions and shopping).

They desperately need your support in promoting their recruitment drive to find new volunteers across Wiltshire to keep this vital service going in these times.

If you could spare some time, please email or call 01380 722241, and if not please share this post to as many people as possible.